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About Us

A little about how we began and where we are going.

We are here to serve you.


Foundational Belief

You never wanted a mortgage.
You really just wanted a house. The mortgage is simply a way to get a house now without paying cash…Work with us – we’ll show you how to get rid of that mortgage in the best way possible.


Our advice is our primary purpose for existence. We believe there is so much wasted money in real estate lending today and this waste has led to the unknown and unintended transfer of vast amounts of your personal wealth to traditional banks and lenders. What we care about is helping you stop the financial waste when you choose to borrow, or not borrow, when you control real estate. No one beats our advice.


Rates and fees matter when you borrow. We avoid the overhead associated traditional mortgage banking and pass those savings to our clients.


We believe you deserve the convenience technology provides when you borrow. We have chosen the simplest, most secure, technology available today to make the document process smooth and easy. And for our clients who prefer a personal experience, we enhance our technology with local people eager to assist via phone, web share, or in person. No one beats our convenience.


We believe a promise means something. Contracts have deadlines that must be met and proposals should be accurate. In our experience, a specific process leads to dependable solutions. These processes eliminate the surprises that lead to missed deadlines and broken promises so we are trustworthy. No one beats our execution.

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